Sunday, October 5, 2014

Brazil, First Week, October 1, 2014

(Editors Note:  The reference to driving in Brazil was a story I told of when I served in Northeast Brazil which is a poorer region of the country.  The taxi drivers do not turn their headlights on at night because they think it runs out the bulbs, which I guess is true, but better to shine lights then end up in the morgue. To compensate at intersections the taxi drivers used to blink their lights a couple of times before flying through the intersection.  I don't know if I should have told Morgan that story!  Back to her:

hey hey hey!!

Well after a whole day of flying, I made it to Brazil in one piece!!
these computers are so weird so forgive me if some things are off!
My flight was good, it was long as they always are but I ended up with a middle seat and I was super dissapointed until the man asked if we could switch so he could sit next to his wife! Miracle number 1 in the mission!! I maybe got 3 hours of sleep so ill sleep well tonight for sure!!
Everyone here is so incredibly nice so I think that I will make lots of friends! I already met a sister who is going to my mission so hopefully we will be companions in the future!!

(Note:  This picture was taken the day Morgan arrived at the Missionary Training Center in Sao Paulo with the other missionaries who arrived the same day.  The Training Center houses about 200 to 300 missionaries at all times.)

My companion is not here yet and they said that an elder and sister missed the Atlanta flight so maybe thats her, or maybe shes coming later. I am now officially a missionary because i have my badge!! Oh it is an awesome feeling. I now represent the Lord in every way I act and in everything I say. A little pressure but I think I can handle it. Im so happy to be here. I was nervous and of course a mess hearing your vioces again but I know this is where I am suppose to be. I know I am going to grow and thrive here and I honestly cannot wait to start the language!!
But after a whole day of flying I just want to brush my teeth and take a long hot shower but im in the MTC and we get straight to work so Im not counting on that until tonight. Our room has three bunkbeds but for now Im in a threesome so idk if another pair are coming in or not. I think theyre the mission presidents and his wife in the MTc, they are great. Super nice and very very welcoming.
I miss you guys already but dont worry about me because the MTC is gated and it looks like we have guards, probably not though, so im totally safe.
Oh my gosh dad you were right. the driving here is absolutely crazy. I cant even imagine how it is at night... I secretly hope ill never have to experience that. The ambulances come on the freeway and go in between two lanes and the cars around just move into other lanes and I swear there were going to be at least 5 accidents.
It is so pretty here, green and the weather is absolutely perfect. There is a breeze and its not humid yet!!
Well I love you guys lots lots, ill talk to you on P day!!

with all the love in the world,
Sister Harrick

P.S. my baggage came through and yes they were all staring at me but I got over it...kind of

P.P.S. I have no idea where the apostrophe is so sorry for all the grammar errors!!

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