Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Last Week in the CTM (Missionary Training Center)!

Oi minha familia!!! Eu amo voces!!                                        Friday, November 7, 2014

yep and that about all i will write for now.....
GUYS ITS MY LAST FEW DAYS HERE HOW CRAZY IS THAT???? I can't believe that i will be leaving for Porto Alegre on tuesday. Apparently I get to call you at the airport so you might get a call early in the morning or later morning. 

this past sunday was fast sunday and on fast sundays we have CTM conference. and guess what. we had a special number by yours truly. I sang with sis p and 2 other sister missionaries in our room. Sister P woke up sick that morning and was super bummed but it all worked out for the best. WE sang I Stand All Amazed and i picked it because it reminded me of Jace and how much I loved it when he sang it for the first time. I sang a solo and it was probably the most terrifying moment on the mission yet but it was super fun.

This week was hard like the rest. Except one good thing was that Elder Pride is amazing. we had the best week and i was beyond thrilled. except now we have elder negative. He is constantly complaining to the point where I have to plug my ears every time he talks. Just one trial after another here jeez. But i do love these guys and will be so sad when the time comes for us to go. I will probably never see Sis p and Mochawki again because theyre from south africa. literally hurts my heart when i think about it.

Ok so this week is the week when the language either takes off or it doesnt. so on monday our instructor sat down with each companionship and basically gave us a progress report. he started off with Sis p which isnt a good sign because you always start with the good news. he basically said how she is soaring with the language and turns to me and pretty much says that I havent progressed since after the second week. Ive never wanted to cry more in my life. I have been told by so many missionaries, "dont compare yourself" yet here is my instructor comparing me to my whole district. And I feel like i have been working so hard and the language just doesnt come. I totally understand it I just cant speak it. Im hoping that once im in the field itll be better becuase I will be forced to learn it. After crying my eyes out for 30 min after meeting with my professor, i stopped and took a second to think. Its not fair that hes comparing me to everyone else becuase we all learn differently. plus ive only been here for 5 weeks so im clearly not going to be fluent. And once i thought that I literally felt His arms wrap around me. I felt His love so strongly like I do every single day here. It is amazing how much he knows and loves me as He does everyone of you.

Later that night I was feeling down cause I just had the worst day and I was talking to Sister Morley in my room (she sang with me) and she felt the same way. Its actually kind of ridiculous how similar we are. We are both loud and crazy and love to laugh. She has an amazing spirit but she feels like me when it comes to the language so I felt a little better. Plus, missionaries from the Provo MTC come every week and I know more than them cause im literally immersed in it so that boosted me up a little too.  Im just scared to speak. Im terrified of looking like a dork which is so dumb because i dont want to fell that way. I want to speak it freely and not care but i guess im just scared of being judged by people since ive been here 6 weeks and still know nothing.

I think im just ready to get out there. here we teach our teachers who arent real people and I want to get to know actual people with actual problems that need His help. I want to be His instrument more than anything right now.

My new favorite book in the LDM (BOM) is 3rd Nephi, especially the chapters when Christ comes. those are just the best. in chapter 18. Christ knows each of us, every struggle, worry, loss, pain/feeling we have ever felt. We are HIS sheep and we are of HIS fold. He loves us and will seek after us until we are found. How amazing is that to know that He will come looking for us if we wander off. Sometimes it is that thought only that gets me through the day.

Halloween looked so much fun! so sad i missed it!! and KADE! I HEARD YOU DID AMAZING I cant wait to see it once I get home. I thought of you all night knowing that you were going to bring the house down. love you so much bud!! xoxo

ok Jaces picture? best thing ever. everyone i showed it to, and i showed everyone, thought he was 20. and all the girls think hes a babe. which he is. Hope his leg is better. love that boy. GOOD LUCK TONIGHT JACER. Youre amazing in every way shape and form. youll be awesome ill be cherring for you down here in brazil.

Mikah, I had a feeling that you should get your patriarchal blessing. I just know that my senior year I wish I had it and it helps me so much. I think it would be awesome blessing for you too right now. I hope all is well with friends and high school. best of luck with the application, youll be great just get it done and youll fell so much better. do not procrastinate like me. WRITE ME and tell me how you are!! ALL OF YOU WRITE ME! AND BE GENEROUS. haha i just love you all so much.

love, sister harrick

I am literally getting eaten alive out here. have 20 bug bites and theyre all scarring. YAY.....

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